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1. Lack of transportation/delivery to the cities to reach more consumers to sell more and make profit, and they trust to sell in their local markets which causes surplus and they end up not selling all.

2. Lack of professional training to enhance their skills in various areas of farming, which will affect positively the quality of their agricultural products.

3. Lack of branding and marketing their products.

4. Not able have easy, and fast access to loans from banks and financial institutions., and if they finally get loans, the interest rate is so high.

5. Lack of storage facilities.

Our Solution and process to resolve the above challenges, provide many job opportunities, increase the GDP of Agriculture in countries we operate, value for money, and add our quota to the UN sustainable goals are the following::


1. Provide a mobile app and ussd online sales platform to brand, market and sell our partner rural/small holders farmers products including crops, and livestock. Also, our consumers can order
2. Provide a mobile app platform for delivery that allows a lot of individuals, especially youths that have motorcycles, and other delivery vehicles to sign up as partner delivery riders, to deliver ordered agricultural products upon request by the consumer who have ordered products. Just like UBER, but this time, for delivery of agricultural products only.
3. Provide quarterly free professional training/seminars, networking, and mentor-ships to our partner small holder farmers in various areas of farming they are into, so their skills can be enhanced, to produce more quality and standard agricultural products. We award best farmers during such forums to motivate and encourage them more. We also use this avenues to solicit for funds from Government, Companies, and people who are willing to invest in Agriculture.
4. Provide micro loans and empowerment to our partner farmers: This is a very important part of our company. We have realized that our partner farmers are facing lots of challenges to have easy access to loans to enable them enlarge their farms. We are solving this challenge by partnering with a finical institution, to help our farmers get access to loans faster and with considerable interest rates. So our company could get the capital, and disburse to our partner farmers. This is like an FNGO part of the company where we empower our partner farmers to help them enlarge their farms and produce more quantity that will meet the consumers demand, and also as a way of reinvesting in Agriculture. This part of the company service does not only focus on our partner farmers, but also will encourage the youths who have better ideas in Agriculture productions to be empowered, so there will more and more farms and increase in productions as the demand will go high with such innovation we have, so this is a measure that will help us not run out of products
5. We are bringing on board, a natural storage facility in rural areas that have streams and small rivers, so this will be like an irrigation, but in a more innovative way to store and keep the perishable products. This will help us to mitigate possible losses they face for perishable products.