About our Company

Agriconnekt Services is an Agri-Tech company born out of passion for Agriculture by it's founders, and necessity of it's solutions it is bringing to solve many agricultural challenges. Agriconnekt was founded since 2017 as an Idea, by Dr. Brain Daniel Iweh, a young Nigerian entrepreneur with so much passion to create sustainable Agribusiness in Nigeria, and Africa. After series of market survey, and putting up very sound business model to run the company successfully, the company was officially registered with CAC on April, 2019.

As an Agri-Tech company, we focus on how to manage and harness the already existing rural farmers, and farms to a 100% level. A research we carried out has proven that there is about 500million rural/ family farmers in Africa, and about 80 million and more farmers are in Nigeria, and 80% of them are small holder farmers facing the following challenges that has become a big hindrance to them making profit from the farm business and also providing quality products, which in turn affect the food production process, because unfortunately these 80% of small holder farmers happen to be the ones who produce 80% of the food we eat, so It means they are very very important. Below are some of the major challenges our research concluded:

  • 1. Lack of transportation/delivery to the cities to reach more consumers to sell more and make profit, and they trust to sell in their local markets which causes surplus and they end up not selling all.
  • 2. Lack of professional training to enhance their skills in various areas of farming, which will affect positively the quality of their agricultural products.
  • 3. Lack of branding and marketing their products.
  • 4. Not able have easy, and fast access to loans from banks and financial institutions., and if they finally get loans, the interest rate is so high.
  • 5. Lack of storage facilities.

Our Solution and process to resolve the above challenges, provide many job opportunities, increase the GDP of Agriculture in countries we operate, value for money, and add our quota to the UN sustainable goals are the following:

Vision Timeline OUR VISION


To be the largest Agri-Tech company in Africa


To work with government, NGO, groups and companies who share the common goals with us in the Agricultural sector.


To increase the GDP of each country we operate in


To support the UN sustainable goal of zero hunger


To build a decent , secured, and friendly business relationship between the rural areas and cities for Agricultural purposes.


To attract and invite national and international investors to invest in Agriculture


To go internationally by exporting quality Agricultural produces, by turning small holder farmers to large scale farmers who produce quality agricultural products that meet both local and international market standard and demand.

Our Goals

Our goal is to fight hunger

To empower the rural small holder farmers, so we do not want to come on board with our own productions, but to harness the existing ones

Our goal is to do a “mixed economy” business where a lot of people are carried along and a lot direct and indirect jobs provided in the agricultural sector for the youth

Our goal is to reduce the stress and make it easy for consumers to buy food stuffs easily which will encourage making of healthy meals at homes, and as a result improve health.

To Orient our partner farmers on pricing, and to sell to consumers on very affordable prices

To help create value for Agriculture